Thursday, April 15, 2010

That's How I Roll........

So, I have been scrappy happy and kickin layouts out like it's nobodies business...First up I completed yesterday but forgot to upload mind is a giant cluster right now! So I won't keep you waiting much longer! I have another submission this month for Challenge Masters for their April Color Challenge Sally drew her inspiration from this ad and pulled these colors for us to base our layout on. The idea behind my layout was taken from the original post from Sassafras with the same idea (roll), I just had to do it too!

"That's How I Roll"
This is Edward when he was about 4 months old, this was my "containment chair" for when I was busy, he was a VERY early crawler. Noah being the good big brother he was, always would unhook his belt but knew better than to try and pick him up out of the there he was  unstrapped but stuck in his chair. The little Houdini would thrust his legs up like a backward sit up which would scoot him down each time. When he thought he was low enough, he would thrust his legs to the side attempting to roll, eventually he would "roll" out of the chair in a very flailing matter.. the little Houdini was unstoppable after that.
 Hope you enjoy, stay tuned for more layouts!

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