Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Say No....

So, this layout has a funny story behind the funny story of the actual photos themselves.. They are in fact funny and equally adorable (from a mom point of view at least) pictures but their is an element on the layout that is what really had me going...

Ok so recently I found a new (to me) challenge site called Design Dollies and first of all let me say <3 them! The offer different challenges each week and you can do one layout with all three for a chance to win in each category! Gotta love the "triple threat"...mainly I just love a good challenge!

Challenges I based my layout on...
Design Dollies Color Challenge Brown, Orange and Teal
Design Dollies Sketch Challenge 
Design Dollies Element Challenge : incorporate a NONTRADITIONAL, "found" item

Challenge Masters Recipe Challenge . Bright colors, staples, inked edges, use at least one arrow, alphabet stickers

Now to the funny part! I usually dont' get stumped on a layout often, but when I saw Design Dollies Elements challenge I was like huh? I love to add stuff to my layouts that you wouldn't find in the scrappy section at a store or use random things to create different textures, it is one of my newest favorite things to do. So when they said add a nontraditional "found" item, I wanted to use something new but I had one huge brain fart...nothing. 

SO I called my Oldest son Noah into the room (Edward was sleeping still) I said Noah go "find" me something. He says "what do you want me to find" I say "surprise me" Noah now has one of those tilted head "I'm up to something" grins on his face and quickly takes off to find something. Moments later I hear crash, thud, bang.."OH MAN" he trudges, I know because I hear the socks sliding against my hall carpet runner, turns the corner and says "Mom how am I supposed to find something? Where did you put it" I say "Noah I simply need you to find me something so I can scrap it, anything, the first thing you see, something you lost anything" Noah goes on again and I hear ::SMACK:: this is the sound of Noah slapping his forehead saying "oh man" to himself. He comes back and says "Mom, where can I find something that is lost" I look at him while thinking that is a good question huh? By this point he is leaning against me and I look down at him and say "Now Noah, would something be lost if mommy knew where it was?" Noah being the little smart but that he is without hesitation says "but you always know where everything is, daddy always says to ask you...and you always know..but dad he doesn't"  (ten thousand brownie points were awarded at that moment:) After I wipe the tears from my eyes as I have been laughing so hard liquid is falling from my face, I say "how about you go on a hunt in all the cracks and crevices to look for something anything that someone may have lost." Now laughing simply because I was he trots off into the living room and quickly returns. I half expected him to ask again where he can find something instead he says "CLose you eyes" (I humor him but peek God only knows what is in his hand and how much sanitizer I may need to clean it) "I give you this" I open my eyes to find.....wait for it...wait for it... 3 pennies. "OH WOW" I exclaim to him trying to hide my confusion..."daddy always looks in the cushions to find money so I found it for you first..." and that my friends is why I have pennies on my layout...because I let my 4 year old "find" my nontraditional item...but hey I kinda like it and it in itself became a good memory!

So now that I have your attention...
please enjoy this public service announcement brought to you by 
Naptime Equals Scraptime

"Just Say No"
This is Edward last summer at the beach, we accidentally packed two of his brothers swim trunk so they were way to big...he was like a walking public service announcement...just say no to crack! I love it...I think it is too cute when you see a toddler waddling around booty all hangin out!

Close up of staples, buttons and pins...
Altered Prima's with "penny" canters :)

Just say no...my makeshift arrow, didn't have any in the right color...didn't want to dig out the cartridge...lazy I know :/
MY VERY FIRST time to Color a Stamp!!!!

Side shot of layout, featuring the other two "pennies"

Hope you enjoyed the layout and story :)


Helen_e said...


aussiescrapper said...

You had me laughing with this fantastic story, that is so clever, the layout has so much more meaning with your son finding the elements for you. I love the layout and the photo cracks me up, lol.....I love your gorgeous stamping and colouring too. Great work, this is an awesome layout from Mel from the Dollies.

Fluffy said...

That story is so precious and the LO is fab.A good job he didnt find you something less desirable lol
x Tracee

Leah the Orange said...

HA! this is SO cute! love the photos - your son is going to KILL you when you break out the album one night when his girlfriend is over. ;)

love your take on the challenges - the Trifectas cut off every Sunday though, so we'll be happy to enter this for this week's Color Challenge!

thanks for joining the Dollies!

Kristy said...

Oh My! I LOVE this LO! The pics are too funny and I love the owls! Perfect! Thanks for playin with us Dollies!

Nancy said...

absolutely delightful! what a doll baby! that is the sweetest story EVER! you need to print it and put it on the back of your page! :) Gosh, you have to love kids!!! fantastic layout!!! love the pennies!

Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

Fabulous LO Adrienne! I LOVE the penny!


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