Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fantastic NO FABULOUS Scrap Attack News!!!

So we all already know that Scrap Attack Scrapbooking Rocks are socks off right? Well, how about a little icing on the cake? Wait for it...wait for it...{SAS}SY and Paper Trunk are partnering up and the have chosen {SAS} to be their EXCLUSIVE USA ONLINE STORE!!! {SAS}sy will now be carrying all, yes I said ALL of the YUMMY Paper Trunk lines!

Lauri Has just announced that her order with ALL the fabulous Paper Trunk lines has arrived in her store! Here they are each one more fabulous than the next! My mouth is watering in anticipation!
You havn't even heard the best part yet! All 11 collections have already been added to the Scrap Attack Scrapbooking each generously priced at 10-20% off all day everyday!!!! NO coupons needed!!! Could you ask for a better deal?!!?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Natural Beauty

As soon as I got my hands on this picture I wanted to scrap it! I couldn't however figure out what line I liked best with it...Thanks to the {SAS}sy ladies over at Scrap Attack Scrapbooking we settled on Basic Grey Origins! I used Lauri's Great Sketch from Scrap Attack Scrapbooking Sketch Round #10 Sketch #1!! If you haven't checked out all the fun over on the {SAS}sy board you are missing out!

"Natural Beauty"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Just got my hands on the new Ecko Park Line Summertime and I LOVE IT!!! Today when I saw the Design Dollies posted their Element Challenge Inspired by your favorite flavor ice cream I was like SCORE! I scraplifted Monica Brady for XOXO Girls Challenge #10 and a chance to win a kit from Divine Designs! I also incorporated Wee Memories Challenge #11 as well as Pile it on Challenge #24 and used up tons of stickers! Last but surley not least color Yellow inspired by One Scrappy Doctor's June Challenge to forget the Aussie Winter!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is my Angry Face....

This is a hard is something new completely for me... I have been pondering the "You Really Piss Me Off" challenge over at Dirty Scraps  being sponsored by Nikki Silvis for some time now....I lifted Natalie Elphinstone of the Lip Stick Chicks over at XOXO Girls Blog for Challenge #10 being sponsored by Divine Designs! I chose her layout simply because it gave me all the journaling inspiration I was looking for, I love how she utilized the page with her writing....

I have wrote and re-wrote my journaling...I have taken picture after picture and decided none of them worked. I finally sat down with my hubby supporting me to just finally say it out loud wrote....and instead of trying to capture my own face I took it back to elementary and drew it myself. I am breaching a topic that has LONG bothered me....a topic that I have brought up, hushed up, looked over, forgot about, and constantly reminded of.. This is not to one person in particular though there were certain people in mind, I wrote this for myself because there are certain people who say things they shouldn't and at this point know it bothers me...a "joke" is only a "joke" if someone is laughing...enough is enough..

"This is my Angry Face"
 Journaling Reads "There are no words in the dictionary that could possibly describe the emotion I feel inside when you say my kids are bad. But for the moment lets go with pissed…yes I am pissed off. Do you spend every day with them? No you don’t you see them on occasion so what gives you the right to label them as “out of control” because sometimes they act like KIDS! What makes you think you know them better than me?
Yes, SOMETIMES my kids are loud, run around, pull out everything in site, cry and yes my kids don’t always do what they are told. AND YES YOUR KIDS DID TO! Might I remind you… YES my kids whisper I LOVE YOU in your ear, RUN into your arms, pull everything in site out to PLAY WITH YOU, cry when their feelings are hurt… don’t you and YES my kids push the boundaries how else are they to know where they are?
Sometimes I WONDER if you all sit around and talk about how I MUST BE LYING when I say my boys are sweet, loving, and gentle… Sometimes I HEAR from other people how you talk about them… have you no SHAME?
DO you see my boys when they wake me up every morning with a kiss? How they walk holding my hand even at home? DO you see them sit for hours handing me book after book or following along in activity books because they are eager to learn? DO you see them kiss MY boo boos? DO you see them pick up their toys without being asked, offer to help me with my chores?
DO you see them how I see them? Obviously you don’t ….
Obviously you don’t see them at all because if you do you wouldn’t say things that were not true…you wouldn’t define them by there faults alone but embrace there talents.
Obviously you don’t see them because a wild and out of control “bad kid” wouldn’t  have the capacity to have learned at 4 what 5-6 year olds are just learning and at 2 what 3-4 year old are…
Obviously you don’t see them because if you did you would know they are gentle loving boys that show compassion and generosity to everyone they meet.
Obviously you don’t see them because if you did your heart would break like mine when you say the things you do."

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Good Life...head in the clouds

This little layout I had a ton of fun with I started with the June Sketch from Paper Secrets, which was totally fun and gave me lots of elements to play with. I also incorporated Challenge #2 from the Snobby Walrus to use buttons, polka dot paper, handmade embellishments, journaling, and color photos.

The way this turned out, I loved the saying on the embellishments and decided it so fit Edward and his personality they were the perfect title! Edward has always been a bit of a loner, always in his own head...I can remember many times watching him knowing that when I was young I was the same way. I was however very loud and center of attention but kept my head in the clouds, imagining, dreaming..I hope that he does the same...because it is a good life when you have imagination..

"The Good Life...Head in the Clouds"
"My sweet angel, born with the face of an angel.Grandpa caught you at the perfect moment to catch your sweet little stare"
Ever since I saw Christine Middlecamp's tutorial on handmade embellished paper doily tutorials...I want nothing more than to layer and layer and layer my embelishments...I just LOVE it!

Hope you enjoyed it!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Easter Blessings

This was my first time using a sketch from Creative Scrappers, I have seen their sketches before but never attempted one, when I saw Sketch #107 and looked at my table of scraps from my last layout I knew it was perfect for what I had....and I am all about some scraps!!! It was a uber fast layout that I litterally did in like 5 min but love how it turned out!

Here is my layout:
"Easter Blessings"

Graduate featuring Dusty Attic

For some reason the color scheme just didn't sit right with my graduation picture...maybe it was my hair? I did manage to pull the Design Dollies Sketch challenge together and use it with Design Dollies Elements Challenge for Graduation/growth theme.. I also used Nerdy Victorious Scrapbookers Collage Challenge #6 as inspiration for the color scheme as the Envious Society gave great inspiration so go check em out! Lastly I pulled inspiration from Challenge #9 Beautiful Nightmare over at Scrap the Art Recently I ordered some Dusty Attic Goodness from the sweetest lady ever Tracy! You should go check her out at

Here is my layout:
Hope you liked it!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Your Scrap Book Stash Blog Hop!!!

Great fun and lots of ways to win a GC so check out these Lovely Ladies Blogs for you chance to win!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Victory thy name is Noah

Finally I was able to tackle the Trifecta from the Lovely Design Dollies! It was super fun tackling the Color Scheme, Element and Sketch Challenge! The Color Challenge was perfect for my Father Knows best papers to incorporate the elements challenge "sporty" theme from Noah's very first Sparring Match! The sketch was perfect and really made the layout come together great!
Yesterday the sky turned black opened up and poured for 30 min something ferocious. By the time we got home there was not one but two rainbows...I couldn't resist running inside grabbing my camera and dragging my dirty sleepy boys outside for a picture :)
Hope you enjoyed my layout and photos!

Heritage 1981 RAK!

Kit Contents: 9 papers (including Die-Cut, Overlay and Glitter) from Hambly, Jenni Bowlin, Webster's Pages, Chatterbox, Prima, Basic Grey and Fancy Pants. Plus, a bunch of embellishment goodies including Smooch Spritz, Prima Flowers, Trims on Old-Fashioned Clothespins, Clear Stamps, My Mind's Eye Bling, Basic Grey Rub-ons, Buzz and Bloom Acrylic, American Crafts Chipboard Frames, Tulle, Making Memories Flower Pins, Doodlebug Buttons, and more!!

Want to win this FAB PAK?? It is soooo simple! Check out

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Day of School

We decided to put the boys into a summer program for school at a church so that they could learn new things and get some good old socialization that they just arn't getting at home with me :( Yesterday was their very first day and let me tell you it was E-motionall! It started out great, they were both beyond excited to go!
We got there early so that I could walk each of them to each others room so they would know where the other one was. We visted the pond and checked out the 3 yes 3 different playgrounds! 
Noah was first to get dropped off and Edward ran right in after him...Noah found his own name for his backpack and lunch and started playing...forgetting me :( I gave him a hug and kiss to take Edward to his room.
Edward got a little upset not wanting to leave Noah, but when I reminded him he was going to 'his' class he said "MY CLASS!!" and grabbed his bag and took off! We go to his room and he was in there lickity split no worries at all! I had to fill out some paperwork so he came to sit in my lap and show me the toys he found..When class time was ready he started crying when he realized I was leaving...I walked out listening to it...stood in the hall for 20 min crying listening to him before he and I both stopped...what a baby!- myself that is!
Noah's Class was in the gym when I arrived and no suprise at all I found him like this : 
Notice him holding hands with the girl in the blue above...and below walking with his arm around her!!!! Like I said before...The Boy's Got Game!
I had to drag Noah tooth and Nail away from his "girlfriend Teke" who he has a date with Friday night at 6 aparently! We arrived to Edwards class peering throught the window like little peeping toms! I was beyond happy to see him sitting coloring with no sign of distress at all!
When we got to the door he was so excited to see us, my eyes welled up again....
Noah teacher said she was AMAZED he had never been in a class room before, he only had to be reminded not to run inside and that you don't' have to get every toy out at biggy's there! Edwards teacher said he was such a sweet tempered boy and extremely well behaved for his age!!! (what!?) So imagine my relief, my joy, my amazement to find that both my boys did great, behaved and even had fun doing it!! I am a proud mommy to say the least!!!

Beautiful Miracle

I was home alone again today...and had to get straight to scrappin after seeing The Scrappiest first sketch for June...Sketch #67 it was so great I saw my page and papers and went to work! I also had been wanting to use Crop Suey's latest challenge to use your own handwriting... Challenge #10

Here is my Layout:
"Beautiful Miracle"

As always hope you like it!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Voting Time At XOXO Girls Blog!

Ok so I signed on to head over and make my vote and nearly choked to see one of my layouts already had 9 votes mine making the 10th!!! I peeked at it earlier but had no time to vote and I had 3 votes! I can't believe it!! To be honest it was not even the layout that I thought was my best submition either so it was really flattering to say the least...

So while I would love to say go vote for me :) I won't, I will however ask that you go and vote for your favorite and if it happens to be mine well than that's a plus!

You can vote here : XOXO Girls
I think you may have to be a follower, not sure because I am one if you are not a follower of them YOU SHOULD BE!!! It is totally fun! You get to scrap lift UBER talented ladies and try new things each time! I really like to try and lift the ones opposite of my style so that I can learn new ways of scrapping!

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