Monday, April 5, 2010

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I am submitting this layout to Creative Prompts for their Alphanumeric Heartbreak Challenge. When I saw the picture Alphanumeric Heartbreak it made me think of time which lead to how precious it is and it inspired this layout.
Layout : In a moment everything can Change
My youngest Edward had these spells where he would start turning blue and pass out. After several episodes we became worried and consulted the doctor. After a year of being told it was just an accident or we were miss-interpreting his spells (for what?) he had an episode so bad I nearly couldn't wake him. We were sent to a neurologist who had him go through, several tests. We received a call that he had shown activity in his eeg that lead them to believe he was having seizures. It was in that moment everything changed. We were uncertain how to handle the news and after reading thousands of articles on treatments we were even more uncertain about treatments and medications. We as parents decided not to medicate and continue with therapy. I couldn't accept the diagnosis, as a mother I felt I knew it was wrong but as a person I had no medical proof. We decided to ask for a second round of test to confirm the initial diagnosis as neither I nor Robert were satisfied with a vague answer. It was then we found out that the person who preformed the test incorrectly did something which lead to false readings. We continued our visits with the neurologist to monitor him and his spells, and eventually told he was holding his breath in fits of extreme emotions. He now still trys to hold his breath but is able to gasp the air enough to catch his breath.

Next up for your view pleasure are two layouts submitted to the Scrap Around the World Tour become a member of their message board to see all challenges and join in on the fun!!!
Layout #1 Destination India
( we were given photos of Indian Brides as inspiration)
"The way you look at me is ahhh..."
I picked up on all the golds, browns and reds on the dresses. I looked at my paper rack saw this stack and went to work. I had this photo of Robert (my husband) that I had been wanting to scrap so I went with it.

Challenge #2 Destination Ireland
we had to pick from a list of 10 of the most common Irish Proverbs and include a four leaf clover
I picked "Do not resent growing old, for many are denied the privilege"

This is a picture our dog Diamond's puppy Gucci, who after a series of unfortunate actions by several careless people lost his life.

We were supposed to include a four leaf clover somewhere in out layout, I thought seeing as though a four leaf clover is so hard to find rather than using a cut out of one I would mask one. I thought it was fitting for the piece, rather than showing luck, the absence of it.

Thanks for checking them out! Let me know what you think!


Tara Orr said...

omgoodness!! what a scare that must have been!? thank goodness for mother's instincts. so glad it is something that you can (try) to control?? eek.... never even heard of this before - i've heard of a child becoming so worked up that they vomit, but never holding their breath.. goodness. sending positive vibes your way - god bless!! Love the way you captured the moment...

Adrienne Pierce said...

Thank you so much, we were told it could possible be an issue with his throat muscle, similar to the one they use to suck as he never could drink from a bottle. We were also told it could have to do with enlarged gland but that was proven to be wrong. So we truthfully have no reason for why or when they will stop, we just had to learn how to handle it as well as everyone around us. We have a "routine" that we go through when he does it so that we are able to some what control it. Our oldest son Noah even knows to call for help when he does it, he immediately starts screaming for us following by "Edward breath, breath" he is a great brother.

Allison Cope said...

Wow Adrienne! That must have been scary! Hope he continues to improve with this in the future. Thanks for playing along with us again this month!


Scrapping Haven said...

The first picture of your son made me cry. Our family had a similar experience when my oldest son was 3 weeks old. All the wires gave me a sense of awakening and I am truly blessed. I'm so happy to know your little man is doing better. :)

Angie Blom said...

What a scary situation for you and your family.. hugs to you all, Thanks for playing again this month. Angie CP4U


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