Monday, April 26, 2010

Noah's Testing for new Camo Belt decided and Graduation

Noah is our little Karate Master, his favorite quote is "That's some Master Kung Fu Sucka" from Kung Fu Panda...So imagine him kicking and chopping then throwing you a side glance and saying that!!! Here are a few pictures from his test...I was on the wrong setting so lots of my shots didn't come out and some a a little blurry but oh well!
 Here they are supposed to be making a muscle...he is very confident in his muscle....can you tell?
 Mr. White, Noahs first teacher telling him the good news...
 This one is a little blurry but it is just SO CUTE! Mr White is telling him that he needs to work on bending his knee before and after a kick.
 Here Mr. White is showing him exactly how he should kick (remember this)

 Here are some pictures from his Graduation!
 This is the jumping jack face :)
 Edward, always makes himself at home during Noah's class...he is truly Noah's #1 fan!
Hum there Noah is doing his moves and what is that? He is doing his kick properly!!! YES I did my homework!!! Graduate with HONORS THANK YOU!
 Daddy putting on Noah's new belt!!!
And just because I am a mom and feel like Edward was neglected please take a moment to look at this adorable "Classic Edward" Face, for those of you that know him...KNOW this is totally his signature look! (HUH?)
Thanks so much for reading, I promise some scrappy goodness tomorrow!


Leah the Orange said...

this was seriously FUN to read, Adrienne! what a couple of little sweethearts, your fellas! :)

thanks so much for your Dollie-love - it's great to hear from you, and even greater that you are diggin' us! :D

(fyi - the monstah stamp i used is from a company called BamPop - they are all kinds of cute!)

Gina said...

Super cute photos!!! Congrats to your little guy! :)

Marda said...

The pictures made me feel like I was there! LOVE THEM!!!!! Give Noah and Edward a kiss from Grandma!

Fluffy said...

how cute is that!
Well done Noah x and well done Edward for well for just being cute!


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