Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hold the phone...Mamma did her first Chipboard album!

Yeah you read that right! I did my first chipboard album and I am so so excited to share it with you! This was long in the making as it was my first and I did a lot wrong and changed a lot but you learn as you go right?!? 

Here is how it all went down. For Christmas my Dad and Step Mom rented a condo down at the beach for all the kids to come stay together, while we were there we went to a mini theme park called The Track. I had so many pictures from it I was frustrated trying to scrap them so I decided to try a mini album. I had bought a ton of Micheal's $1.00 chipboard albums but never touched them. So here I am staring at the dust collecting and decided to kill two birds with one stone! I was going to make a mini album and it was going to be out of those cute chipboard albums! So I hit up google for some tips on making them and after days and days I finally completed it. Then I tweaked it some more. 

So here is our family adventure at The Track, featuring Myself and kids, My daddy, Amber my sister and her daughter Ava, Kaylie my youngest niece, and My Mother made an appearance at the end arriving with my Hubby who managed to escape being photographed by taking the camera from me upon arrival which is why you actually see me for once :/ My Step Mom Marda is not pictured as she was busy preparing some YUMMY food back at the condo for us to enjoy for New Years!

My dad and the boys walking into the Kid Zone...I love these shots.
The boys waiting in line to ride on the swings, their faces light up with anticipation, as I nervously stood there worrying about them falling out! (yes I am a worry wart)
They had so much fun on the swings smiling so wide I thought they were gonna pull a muscle!
Grandma and Ava waiting in line to watch us on the bumper boats
Amber and Ava riding the carousel, she absolutely loved it! You could hear her saying "Horsey" the whole time!
Kaylie stood with Noah and Grandpa stood with Edward to make sure my wild ones stayed on the horses!
The boys were in heaven on the train, they thought they were first class riding with Thomas!
My first ever pull out tag! YAY ME!
As they came around I yelled watch where you are going, so they thought they were actually controlling it and they burst into smile of excitement!
So then there was the bumper boats :/ first Grandpa and Kaylie ventured out, and after watching the fun, we decided what they heck, it may be December but you only live once! Plus good moms pack a change of clothes!!!
Noah rode with Grandpa and Edward rode with me, Kaylie and Amber rode solo. Let me just say...there was no relief for those of us with "small children" aboard! I had an extremely strong sprayer so if they were close I had no means of defense!
Now we knew it was a water ride, and we expected to get wet...
We didn't expect to get soaked....
So we had one great adventure wrapped up in one great album! At least I think so!!!

I hope you enjoyed my album, I sure enjoyed making it!


Nadine C said...

Great job, you would never know it was your first one.

Peggy said...

awesome job; love all the details. looks like a fun place.

Gina said...

Looks like you had a super fun time! Great job on your first (of many! ;) mini albums!

shona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mommyof5kidz said...

SUPER CUTE! Looks like you had a blast making it! Fab job!!

Jackie said...

Great job! Doesn't look like a 1st to me :) I love mini's! They are addictive :)

Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

Great job Adrienne, I would have never guessed that was your should be my first! ha ha!


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