Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Sketches

So, I have been busy busy all weekend playing with my new software Photoshop Elements! I have been havin fun exploring the web and learning how to make sketches and edit my photos... My hopes are to make a sketch for every layout that I post (that I didn't use a sketch for) so that if you would like to follow my layout you can!!! I am not sure how soon I will start posting sketches with my layouts so stay tuned!  Here are the sketches I made this weekend!

This one I used a free digi kit which you can find here made by Carrie Stephens I changed around the coloring on the journal card but everything else is exactly how you would find it. I used a ghost feature to show the matting if a picture was there...thought it looked nice that way!

These next three I used custom brushes from like the most awesome designers that I have found at  Obsidian Dawn totally my style! I had a blast using all of their fun brushes and can say you will defiantly be seeing their name a lot in the future!
This was actually the first sketch I made following along like8 different websites tips and tricks...I have yet to find a straight forward tutorial on how to create your own layout sketch so...hum maybe I will make one?
This by far is my favorite!
Hope you like what I came up with!!! If you feel "inspired" by one PLEASE link it up in the comments I would love to see what you have come up with!!!!

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jillofallcrafttrades said...

these are all so pretty!i love them,i will surely use them when i get the time!


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