Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Are you serious?....and the cutest kids ever.

As I have told you before I am applying for the design team at Scrap Attack Scrapbooking so I have been super busy making layouts and then making more because I didn't like the ones I made. Then I decided I should go with my first instinct and use the first ones I did but then my loving husband decided to tell me after I had settled it and planned to go to bed early for once that his favorite was from the second set that I did :/ are you serious?

So after losing my mind for the last day trying to decided which 4 to choose, I take a trip out to my sisters house so that she can help me choose the best ones to submit. We sit there for an hour looking them over, and we settle it going with three of the originals and yes I am a great wife my husband favorite... I am getting up to head out the door and she says " Well I kinda like the "_________" one, it is super secret...::some crazy spy stuff going on:: (Que mission impossible theme) I turn and look at her and say "are you serious?" 

The entire ride home I am mumbling to myself which in it self is dumb why mumble when no one can hear you? Screaming at least it would make me feel better....I decide that I like each of them for different reasons and each is just as important and special to me as the next which is why it is so hard for me to pick one...I love them all. To me scrapbooking is not about what you do it is how it makes you feel while doing it. It is not about other people's comments, though I admit I am like a crack addict checking my email waiting for someone to leave me some love...but it isn't about what they think what matters is what I think. 

I used to find I would look at a page and say "I wish I could have_____ different" or "I can totally see where I screwed_________up" now I still notice where the glue ran over or the page tore just a little but I don't focus on it..I focus on the moment in the picture, the memory that the layout is screaming at me. After all, in the end 30 year from now, when you look through your photo album and say "I wonder what we were all all laughing about" I will laughin so hard I am snorting because my layout tells a story that a picture never could... 

So I know your fingers and toes are cramping by now, but please keep them crossed....I am trying to upload everything tonight, we will know May 1st at the latest who makes the list.....

So since you can't see anything I have been working on I decided to give you some eye candy of the male persuasion...don't get to excited ladies...they are WAY to young for you!!! But handsome devils never the less...

These pictures were just quick shots outside while playing...Noah is a ham and loves the camera, Edward on the other hand kept looking everywhere but at me...he just kept saying "No Mom". Nevertheless I think I got some great shots and don't tell me otherwise as I will just tell you that you're jealous!!! Just kidding..or am I? 

Up first for those of you who don't know is Noah he is 4 years old and is about as dramatic as they come. He is an entertainer and a definite ladies man, fair warning he will put the moves on you :/ He is forgetting more and more everyday how to be a little boy and is growing into a little man :( Though we are not putting all our eggs in one basket he is our front runner so far for a Fortune 500 company owner, he is super smart and loves to learn.

 Next is Edward, he is 2 years old dubbed "bruiser" as he is always falling, jumping, skidding, climbing, breaking something he shouldn't be and 9 x out of 10 has a bruise to prove it. He is the toughest little man you'd ever meet yet loves to cry to his momma every chance he gets...ah my little mamma's boy!

So I hope this appeases you until I can get some layouts that are not classified information (que mission impossible theme) up for your enjoyment..I am currently setting my eyes on the Scrap the Art challenge and will poke around for some other good stuff!


Chloe :-) said...

GOOD LUCK with the DT submission!!!!!!! And totally love your photos - especially the last one ... aw so sweet :-)

Marda said...

Boy o boy....I'm sure a proud grandma!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love them!!! They are so good!!


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