Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! Picture Alert!

Twas a long weekend filled with family, fun, a scrapbooking!  I am so tired right now I don't know if I am awake or sleeping :/ We kicked it off with a visit with some great friends who came in from Colorado... my husbands former boss and bestest bud Don, and his wife Sheri who became a dear friend to me:) The kids played on Grandpa's scooter, both big and little kids!
 We took the most peaceful walk through their farm land, it was such a great family moment. We walked as Donnie told us stories about the lake, and the barn that his Grandfather built that unfortunately as long as it has been standing, time is getting the best of it. We walked the trails and saw the land how it is and imagined it how it was as we listened to his memories.

 Saturday morning, we over slept and just by the hair on our chinny chin chin's made it to the churches Easter Egg Hunt. We literally pulled up parked on the side of the street ran across, I had enough time to get 30 feet ahead to get faces and not backs in the shot and they yelled "go". Our Cousins were supposed to meet us and they like us were late, only they were behind us so knowing they were not gonna make it, daddy and I put down the camera to help grab eggs so that we could share our eggs. They ended up getting some eggs anyway so they boys had baskets overflowing!

After the hunt we continued the fun with the boys very first fishing trip! Mommy, Daddy, Noah, Edward, and Uncle Donnie set up camp at one of the lake on their property and set out to catch us a fish! Noah and Edward seemed to not understand the waiting process, though they loved to get Daddy and Uncle Donnie to re-bait the lines over and over. It was a morning full of crossed lines, bait eating turtles, and a hole lot of nothing bittin but it was a memory for the scrapbook!
 Sunday morning the boys woke to a trial of eggs leading to their baskets and goodies in their play castle. Noah, our little genius only cared about the activity books (once he found them) and Edward only cared about the candy :/ Then we headed to Grandmas house for more Easter Goodies!
After Grandmas, we headed to my Aunt Karen's boyfriend Jr's house to have Easter lunch and ANOTHER (yes my boys are spoiled) egg hunt. We met some wonderful people and felt so much apart of Jr's family I can't say how much we enjoyed it! It was so nice to have such a huge get together it reminded me of when my mamaw was still alive... The kiddos played and played we ate yummy food and then dun dun dunnuh egg hunt!
There were so many eggs you wouldn't believe it! There were candy eggs, colored eggs, and PRIZE eggs! the boys made out with about 20 eggs each which considering how many there were wasn't alot but they truthfully didn't care about the number it is all about the hunt to them!
There was a "Gag" egg that was filled with, believe it or not a toad!!!! My Aunt Karen caught on to the snickering and wouldn't open it! (no toads were hurt during this hunt)
After all was said and done we tallied up the prize eggs and the boys made out like bandits $16 total!
Grandma and her grand-babies
The Adorable Ally (Ally Cat as I call her) and her basket :) 
My mom (left) and big sister Aunt Karen
                                                                                                           Jr, Aunt Karen, and JR's grand-daughter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Check in tomorrow for some Challenge updates, Fun new Challenges and More Links to amazing sites!

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