Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MIA, Make-over, Mega Picture Overload

Not making any excuses but there has been a hault to the Scrapping at the casa this last hubby best friends father passes and with them coming in town, the emotional drainage that surrounds a death and the domino effect of thought of losing your father, then to losing a parent in general, and of course then to your kids you leave behind lets just say I had a moment...a 7 day moment...but I woke today determined to scrap! Though i had a million things to do I have yet to get my hands on anything I have cleared my agenda am making sandwiches for dinner and scrapping the night away!

I tend to let go of "the plan" and get crazy with impulse during and following these "moments" we had ice cream for lunch...ran around with underwear on our heads...took naps at the park(mommy slept with her eyes open ), drew permanent marker mustaches and went to walmart. It is all about living in the moment if you didn't notice...Then I decided to take a deep breath...cut 10 inches off my hair and go blond well..blond-ish...hows that for impulse? 
(not a great picture but shows color/legnth)
-it is really a lot lighter than the pics
 So as Spring/Summer rules state -must spend all hours possible in water...we the good little rule followers we are obeyed with flying colors! While out at Uncle Donnie and Sherry's Moms house the boys got in the sprinklers with Aiden!

 Back here, Ava came for her weekly stay and Aunt Amber forgot her bathing suit so..not wanting upset the Rule makers of Summer we slapped some undies and a t-shirt on her and headed outside!
Being the sweet little angel she is, Ava decided to teach Edward a lesson in Manners
Ladies First!!!!!
Noah had takin up relaxing on the slide so Edward decided to launch an attack to re-gain control of the slide.
Operation Tickle was in full effect!!
While I will agree now, it does look as though they are strangling each other..I assure you screaming "tickle tickle tickle" and constant laughing didn't worry me one bit at the time!
Mommy decided to launch an attack of her own...the kind kids love! Operation Raining Water! They made their stand with a "united" front
It didn't take long for them to realize Evil Empress Mommy was much stronger than anticipated! Empress called a 3 second cease fire to which they quickly dispersed leaving"every man for themselves"
Before they could get themselves together Operation Raining Water was back on in full force...they scrambled to escape!
In the end only Edward was able to escape the Evil Empress Mommy! Noah and Ava quickly thew in the towel (or in this case asked for one) and pledged their undying alledgance and love to ME MUWAHHAAA!

Not making any promises but tomorrow there should be some scrappy goodness posted! I am off to get started!


Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

Love the new hairdo Adrienne, it's so flattering!

Marlene said...

Your photos are absolutely AWESOME - and your new hairstyle is WOW!!! LOVE IT!


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