Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Voting Time At XOXO Girls Blog!

Ok so I signed on to head over and make my vote and nearly choked to see one of my layouts already had 9 votes mine making the 10th!!! I peeked at it earlier but had no time to vote and I had 3 votes! I can't believe it!! To be honest it was not even the layout that I thought was my best submition either so it was really flattering to say the least...

So while I would love to say go vote for me :) I won't, I will however ask that you go and vote for your favorite and if it happens to be mine well than that's a plus!

You can vote here : XOXO Girls
I think you may have to be a follower, not sure because I am one already..so if you are not a follower of them YOU SHOULD BE!!! It is totally fun! You get to scrap lift UBER talented ladies and try new things each time! I really like to try and lift the ones opposite of my style so that I can learn new ways of scrapping!

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