Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Day of School

We decided to put the boys into a summer program for school at a church so that they could learn new things and get some good old socialization that they just arn't getting at home with me :( Yesterday was their very first day and let me tell you it was E-motionall! It started out great, they were both beyond excited to go!
We got there early so that I could walk each of them to each others room so they would know where the other one was. We visted the pond and checked out the 3 yes 3 different playgrounds! 
Noah was first to get dropped off and Edward ran right in after him...Noah found his own name for his backpack and lunch and started playing...forgetting me :( I gave him a hug and kiss to take Edward to his room.
Edward got a little upset not wanting to leave Noah, but when I reminded him he was going to 'his' class he said "MY CLASS!!" and grabbed his bag and took off! We go to his room and he was in there lickity split no worries at all! I had to fill out some paperwork so he came to sit in my lap and show me the toys he found..When class time was ready he started crying when he realized I was leaving...I walked out listening to it...stood in the hall for 20 min crying listening to him before he and I both stopped...what a baby!- myself that is!
Noah's Class was in the gym when I arrived and no suprise at all I found him like this : 
Notice him holding hands with the girl in the blue above...and below walking with his arm around her!!!! Like I said before...The Boy's Got Game!
I had to drag Noah tooth and Nail away from his "girlfriend Teke" who he has a date with Friday night at 6 aparently! We arrived to Edwards class peering throught the window like little peeping toms! I was beyond happy to see him sitting coloring with no sign of distress at all!
When we got to the door he was so excited to see us, my eyes welled up again....
Noah teacher said she was AMAZED he had never been in a class room before, he only had to be reminded not to run inside and that you don't' have to get every toy out at biggy's there! Edwards teacher said he was such a sweet tempered boy and extremely well behaved for his age!!! (what!?) So imagine my relief, my joy, my amazement to find that both my boys did great, behaved and even had fun doing it!! I am a proud mommy to say the least!!!


Lynn Stevens said...

oh my gosh, Does this bring back memories! Its so hard letting go!
Wow Noah really does have a way with the ladies. LOL. Your gonna have to watch that one! It looks like they did fine mom, now how are you holding up?
Hugs Lynn

Gina said...

awww...I would have cried too girl!!!!! They're adorable!

Heather Landry said...

I cried when the first two of my kids went to school, and I'm SURE that I'll cry when my last one goes. I LOVE their little matching outfits and my goodness their school is fancy with the pond and everything!

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog about my son getting bit. I'm SO sorry to hear that your kids got bitten too. That's just awful. Don't you wish sometimes you could just wrap them in a bubble and keep them safe?! Ugh. We actually don't have any trees in our yard. We had the one that was left taken down because we live in Hurricane alley here, and the kind we had is prone to fall on houses. They do have a big playhouse though. I should probably pressure spray all of the crevices and everything on that. Wondering if putting pesticide on it would hurt the wood. It's a thought!


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