Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Workshop Wednsday "Nooks and Crannies"

We love learning new things so join us for Workshop Wednesdays where we’ll show you tips, techniques or tutorials to help you grow as scrapbookers. Our creative Design Team will teach you something fun, exciting or maybe it’s just a refresher for you. Regardless, make sure and tune in every other Wednesday to see what’s on the curriculum for the day.

This week let's talk "nooks and crannies". We all love the adorable little envelopes everyone is making now but let’s be honest...what can you really put in there? Let me show you a few quick and super easy solutions to hold all your beloved notes, tags and journaling cards.

"Nooks and Crannies"
Scrap Paper

From scrap to stash...stash holder that is!

1. Cut your scrap paper 1 inch wider and longer than your desired holder.
2. Fold 1/2 on either side and tuck the corners in the bottom to make a fold, because of the tucked corners your bottom fold will take roughly 1 inch of paper (if it is to long cut from top.)
3. Put your adhesive along the bottom fold, and sides.
4. Place on page & embellish as desired.


Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle that Packaging!

1. Take a piece of scrap paper and cut it down to fit the entire package with flap open.
2. Adhere the scrap paper to the packaging.
3. Fold the flap back over, it should still be sticky enough to close (you can cut this off if you like however it would be perfect for things like baby hair, concert bracelets, baby shells, ect.)
4. Embellish as desired.


Nobody puts baby in the corner...well why not?


1. Take an envelope and cut it at an angle to your desired size.
2. Cover envelope corner with scrap paper.
3. Embellish as desired.


Use as a holder or unique photo corner!
*You can also cut envelope in half to make a similar holder like the first to examples.

Thanks for tuning in, I hope you learned something fun and refreshing! If you decide to try any of these techniques please share with us by uploading a link to your creation to the {SAS}SY Blog!

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