Monday, August 30, 2010

Ava..the beauty feat. Dusty Attic

This is a layout I did over at Kindred Creations August Layout was supper fun! This is my beautiful niece Ava! It features Dust Attic, which are AWESOME laser die cuts I get from the ever so sweet Tracy and they just so happen to be on sale!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

G is for... Greatest Birthday ever!

For this challenge for {SAS}sy's 5th Birthday Bash I had to make a layout using PARTY.
 P-Pins A-Arrows R-Rub ons T-Tattered Angels Y-Yarn
 I absolutely love how it turned out!

"G...Is for"
Greatest Birthday Ever!
Thanks for lookin!

Boarding Time

{SAS}sy's next 5th Birthday Bash challenge for me was to Use Happy, Day, Five, Party or Time in your title. I was actually listening to Closing Time on one of the flash players earlier and the song was stuck in my head so when  I grabbed the photo I just naturally (I sing everything...I mean hello...I have kids) sand Boarding Time...load up all your bags and get on in a single file liiiiiinnnne....Ha! How cleaver am I!!!

"Boarding Time"
Noah and Edward boarding their First flight together, it was Edwards very first time flying!
Thanks for lookin!

Cake meet Face

This was another submission for {SAS}sy 5th Birthday Bash. I had to use a cake picture or embellishment

"Cake meet Face"
Picture is of my oldest son Noah on his First Birthday
Thanks for looking!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome Home!

{SAS}sy 5th Birthday Bash is going awesome! Here is another of my layouts for their "bling or Sparkle" challenge!
"Welcome Home"
This was a House Warming present for my Cuz!

Time out...DENIED!

Another fun layout for {SAS}sy's 5th Birthday Bash! I had to use at least 5 items on my layout!

"Time out...DENIED"
I love this photo of Noah and Amber (my sis) he was spraying her and she was screaming ahhh playing around...then she really wanted him to stop so she was all like "time out" and he says "Ok Amber" and they hosed her!!!!HA that's my boy!

{SAS}sy Model

Lovin all the Birthday festivites over at Scrap Attack Scrapbooking! You definatly need to go check-a check-em out! Here is my layout for the Photo Inspiration Challenge!

"{SAS}sy Model"
Mommy bought a {SAS}sy shirt cause I'm a {SAS}sy kinda gal and Edward decided to model it for me! He is the First Un-offical {SAS}sy Model :)"

Friday, August 13, 2010

Forget Cake, Gimmie Ranch

Second Layout for Scrap Attack Scrapbooking's 5th Birthday Bash Crop! This challenge we had to do a layout with a favorite Birthday Treat...Cake is a given so I thought I would go with #2, Ranch! It is the only thing we will always have at every it for dip or pizza or to scoop up with crakers and eat...yes I said scoop it up like soup and eat it on crackers!

"Forget Cake, Gimmie Ranch!"
Hope you like it!

Cuz...I Love you

My very first layout in Celebration of Scrap Attack's 5th Birthday Bash! This was made based on a sketch provided for one of their {SAS}sy Birthday Bash Crop!

"Cuz...I love you"
(I added I love you to the bottom left corner after I took the photo :/ opps)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When in doubt, Hug it out....

The boys have bunk beds, I however am not ready for Noah to got to the top matter how much he begs me :/ Both of my boys are snugglers, they love to cuddle and hug and wrap up under me, a blanket, their teddies...just not each other. So imagine the discomfort they had to experience when they learned they had to sleep together until Noah was a little older...We first started one head on top one head on bottom, but after finding one of them off the bed every morning from rolling off in the middle of the night, we broke the news they were gonna sleep side by side... The night was filled with the harmonious sound of "He's touching me, MOM" and "GET on your SIDE"... So, I removed all possible 'space' hoggers i.e. their cuddly stuff so that they couldn't complain of the lack of space... As soon as the noise stopped I ran to take a picture and of course, they were as far from each other as possible. There were a few random "ughs" and "Ahh's" through the night but as morning broke, both me and my camera happily found the boys still asleep cuddling!And yes, I got somethin to say about it?!?!

"When in doubt, hug it out"
The Scrappiest: Sketch #76

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rock Stars

My little boys are the bestest friends and the bestest enimies and I wouldn't have it any other way! They love to play, hug, and share just as much as fight, wrestle and steal with each other. But in the end they never need anything other than each other! This is by far one of my favorite photo's of them! They kept saying "Mom we arn't your sons...We're Rock Stars"

"Rock Stars"

Creative Scrappers: Sketch 116
Design Dollies Elements Challenge : Friendship Day
Paper Secrets Supply Challenge: Use 8 Items (paper, mist, clear cuts, stickles, flower, rub-on, stickers, button)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Promise

A fun Summery layout I got together while the kiddos were napping! I just love this picture! Edward really wanted to "look" at the groves in the spray handle and Noah says "I promise I will not turn it on", however if you look close you can see Noah's hand on the handle turning it and the water already starting to come out! How lucky I caught this!

"I promise"
I promise I will not turn it on...
...crossies doesn't count!

Design Dollies : Sketch
Thanks for lookin!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Best Buds

 "Best Buds"

Just a quick layout I did to calm my mind down from all my cleaning and organizing... I pulled together a lot of challenges on this one so I will list them out to make it easy!

Sketchy Thursdays : 7.29 Sketch Challenge

  • The color Baby Blue
  • Ink (and lots of it!)
  • Masking (to get the masked effect)
  • Newspaper print, or some sort of paper with words (like the cool dictionary papers they have, or just lots of words, kwim?)
  • Stripes
The Story matters : Challenge-Misting

The Cupcake Craft Challenge: Distressing!


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