Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Boarding Time

{SAS}sy's next 5th Birthday Bash challenge for me was to Use Happy, Day, Five, Party or Time in your title. I was actually listening to Closing Time on one of the flash players earlier and the song was stuck in my head so when  I grabbed the photo I just naturally (I sing everything...I mean hello...I have kids) sand Boarding Time...load up all your bags and get on in a single file liiiiiinnnne....Ha! How cleaver am I!!!

"Boarding Time"
Noah and Edward boarding their First flight together, it was Edwards very first time flying!
Thanks for lookin!


Lea said...

I love how you've used this paper!!! I've been tempted to buy it a few times.

Chloe :-) said...

hehe ... very clever!!! And I just love all the planes on this one!!


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